Almost no chance for Serbia to open chapters 23, 24 this week

There is almost no chance that Serbia will open negotiations with the European Union in policy chapters 23 and 24 by the end of the Dutch EU presidency, which ends on June 30, a source at the Council of the EU told Hina on Monday.

An accession conference for Serbia and Montenegro was envisaged for June 30, together with an accession conference for Turkey, which has been confirmed. This could be Serbia's last chance to open chapters 23 and 24 by the end of the Dutch presidency. However, the situation is still unclear and we hope we will know fur sure tonight or tomorrow morning. But from what I know, that seems quite unlikely, the source said.

According to European Commission sources, the opening of negotiations on those chapters is actively being blocked by Croatia, the Netherlands has still not given its formal consent, and Great Britain and Greece have still not taken positions.

Those sources say Greece has not taken a position yet because of internal procedures and not substantial reasons.

Last update: Mon, 27/06/2016 - 17:07

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