Balkan route countries agree migrant transport scheme

Balkan countries on the path of a migration surge from Turkey and Greece to Austria and Germany have agreed a transport mechanism spanning four countries, Croatian state TV HRT reports Thursday.

Migrants will be screened at Gevgelija, on Macedonia's border with Greece, and those that are deemed to pass the screening will be transported on through Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia to Sentilj on the border with Austria.

The police chiefs of Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia have signed an agreement in Zagreb with immediate effect which means that at Sentilj the migrants will be separated into a group that wants to seek asylum in Austria, with the rest being transported to Germany, Croatian police director Vlado Dominic explains.

People who do not pass the filter at Gevgelija will remain in reception centres, Dominic says.

Last update: Thu, 18/02/2016 - 19:40

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