Court issues fine in case of discrimination against Croat in Serbian province

The High Court in Novi Sad on Wednesday fined the director of the Ecological Movement of Novi Sad, Nikola Aleksic, 200,000 dinars (approx. 1,600 euro) for discrimination against a local businessman and member of the Croatian National Council, Stanko Krstin, the Beta news agency reported.

After the sentence was delivered, Krstin said that "if he ever gets that money," he would donate it to a charity.

That is the second ruling in favour of Krstin. Prior to this ruling, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic issued an opinion noting that Aleksic had discriminated against Krstin as a member of the Croat national minority by accusing him of working for Croatian intelligence agencies and of having been assigned to "poison" citizens of Novi Sad.

Krstin, who is a businessman and also the president of the Association of Employers of Vojvodina, in August reported that he was being targeted by nationalists who had written graffiti on his premises reading "Ustasha, out!" and that he and members of his family had been verbally abused.

He said that shots were fired at his home in 2008, however, the relevant institutions in this Serbian province did not react to his complaints.

Krstin believes the incidents and attacks have to do with Aleksic, who accuses Krstin of jeopardising the health of people living in the vicinity of his factory.

Aleksic also made several negative comments about Krstin being a Croat and about his involvement in the Croatian National Council.

Last September the Council filed a complaint to the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality to take the necessary steps within her remit with regard to the discrimination against Krstin and to launch legal proceedings.

Last update: Wed, 01/06/2016 - 17:39

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