Croatian defence minister supports Kosovo reforms

Croatian Defence Minister Josip Buljevic met with Kosovo's state leaders in Pristina on Monday, supporting a reform of Kosovo's security force, the implementation of the Pristina-Belgrade agreement, and Kosovo's Euro-Atlantic integration.

Buljevic talked with Kosovo Security Force Minister Haki Demolli and they concluded that it is necessary to continue with joint efforts on Kosovo's integration into formats and initiative of defence cooperation in Southeast Europe, the Croatian Defence Ministry said in a press release.

Buljevic and Demolli said they were satisfied with the cooperation between their ministries and agreed the continuation of efforts to transform Kosovo's security force. Buljevic said Croatia wanted Kosovo's security force to be ready to participate in the building of security and stability in Southeast Europe and the wider area, including participation in international missions and operations.

The two officials also discussed the continuation of Croatia's engagement in Kosovo Force and the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo.

Buljevic also met with outgoing President Atifete Jahjaga and Prime Minister Isa Mustafa. He expressed strong support for Kosovo's Euro-Atlantic orientation, welcomed Kosovo's readiness to carry out structural reforms and strengthen institutional capacities, and supported efforts in the implementation of the Pristina-Belgrade agreement.

This was Buljevic's first official visit since coming into office in late January. He said this was a clear sign of support to a friendly country and of strong support to its Euro-Atlantic future.

Last update: Mon, 07/03/2016 - 17:23

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