Detention set for 14 Serbs over attempt to disrupt Montenegrin vote

Prosecutorial authorities in Montenegro on Monday reported that detention had been assigned to 14 out of 20 Serbian citizens arrested on Saturday night on suspicion of planning violent incidents in the capital of Podgorica and attacks on Prime Minister Mile Djukanovic and official institutions in order to disrupt Sunday's general election.

The other six suspects were released.

The prosecution reported that there was founded suspicion that in early October the suspects conspired in Serbia and in Montenegro to influence legislative and executive authorities in Montenegro.

"It is suspected that that criminal organisation planned to use firearms during the time of election results being released and to attack citizens and police officials gathered outside the country's assembly and then to storm into the Assembly building with the aim of proclaiming election victory of certain political parties," the prosecution said in a press release.

After Sunday's vote, both the ruling Democratic Socialist Party (DPS) led by Djukanovic and the opposition Democratic Front (DF) led by Andrija Mandic proclaimed victory.

“DPS has once again won in the election and there is no doubt, that with our traditional partners, the coalition for Montenegro's European future has 42 seats," Djukanovic said.

Mandic said his party was the winner, claiming that he would immediately launch negotiations on forming a transitional opposition government.

Information about the number of seats won differs depending on who is reporting.

Djukanovic says that his party won 159,999 ballots or 36 seats, as many as the entire opposition together.

The election commission is expected to release the final results of the election in a day or two, once a manual count is conducted.

Last update: Mon, 17/10/2016 - 16:41


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