Migrants stranded in Serbia start protest march to Hungary

Around 350 migrants started a 210-kilometre march from Belgrade toward Hungary Tuesday, to protest the border barricade that is keeping them stranded.

During the breakfast distribution by aid workers in a park near the central Belgrade bus station, there was a stand-off with other migrants who decided they did not want to join the march, which blocked traffic.

The people on the march say that they will demand that Hungary let them cross the border. Escorted by police, they advanced toward the outskirts of Belgrade by early afternoon, local media reported.

Around 1 million people passed the Balkan route from Greece since the migration crisis exploded in 2015. A year ago Hungary became the first in Europe to fence off its border and outlaw trespassing by migrants.

Countries on the route - Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia - also closed their borders in March, but people continued filtering through at a slower pace, mostly arriving in Serbia from Bulgaria.

With Hungary and Croatia implementing tough measures to keep the migrants out, their number has steadily grown in Serbia. According to the latest UNHCR figures, 5,700 migrants are stranded in the country now, in reception centres and on the move.

Last update: Tue, 04/10/2016 - 14:02

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