Montenegro preparing plans in case of refugee spillover

Montenegro's government on Thursday instructed relevant agencies to prepare plans on how to cope with refugees if they start passing through that Adriatic country on their way towards West Europe, after Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz on Wednesday said in Podgorica that he did not rule out the possibility of Montenegro becoming part of the migrant transit route should his country decide to close its borders.

"Agreement has been made that all relevant agencies should make plans and proposals, so that we can reach concrete conclusions at the next government meeting," said Finance Minister Radivoje Zugic in Podgorica today.

Montenegrin Foreign Minister Igor Luksic said that his country would synchronize its policy with the refugee policy of neighbouring countries and the European Union if refugees started passing through his country.

Kurz said yesterday that Austria would introduce an upper limit, namely a quota for refugee entries, adding that it was evident that his country will be forced to stop the refugee influx at its borders, which could have consequences for the entire region.

Last update: Fri, 12/02/2016 - 11:51

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