Sarajevo prosecution asks Hungary to interrogate MOL's Hernadi

The Sarajevo Canton Prosecutor's Office has requested Hungary's assistance in an investigation in which one of the suspects is Zsolt Hernadi, CEO of Hungary's MOL oil company, who should be interrogated about the privatisation of the Bosnian oil company Energopetrol, chief Sarajevo prosecutor Dalida Burzic was quoted as saying in "Dnevni Avaz" daily of Tuesday.

"We have requested international legal assistance from Croatia and now from Hungary," Burzic said.

Former MOL executive Zoltan Varady and a former CEO of Croatia's INA, Tomislav Dragicevic, are also under investigation. The Sarajevo prosecution has already requested the Zagreb County Court to interview Dragicevic.

Burzic said her office wanted those people to be interrogated and to receive the official reports from the interrogations. She added that if the request for international legal aid was not granted, they would resort to other means, although she would not elaborate.

The Sarajevo Canton Prosecutor's Office is investigating the circumstances under which the INA-MOL consortium acquired a 67% interest in Energopetrol, which has the largest number of petrol stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, namely if an injection of EUR 76.7 million into Energopetrol was the result of a mortgage on the company's real estate. Eight Bosnian citizens have been on trial at the Sarajevo Municipal Court since 2014 for signing a harmful contract to that end.

Despite the investigation, Energopetrol is operating normally. On Monday, INA made a public offer on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange for another 33% stake in Energopetrol. Two months ago, INA already purchased a 33% stake in the company from MOL.

The Bosnian Federation entity government has a 22% stake in Energopetrol, while small shareholders own 11%. INA is offering EUR 1.17 per share for this 33% stake. If the offer is taken, INA would have to pay EUR 2.1 million to gain complete control over the Bosnian company.

Last update: Tue, 06/09/2016 - 11:16

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