Serbian police stop 150 migrants who headed to Croatia on foot

Serbian police stopped in Adasevci on Sunday about 150 migrants who started on foot from the reception centre in Sid towards the Croatian border and whom Croatia allegedly will not let in, Serbian Radio-Television (RTS) said.

Police were trying to return them to the reception centre without using force, said an RTS reporter, to whom police unofficially confirmed that the migrants were not violent.

RTS said unofficially that Croatian police would not let the migrants cross the border although they claimed to be from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

More than 600 migrants have left Sid on a train by which Croatian police are transporting them westwards. About 500 remain in the reception centre.

In the meantime, Belgrade's electronic media carried a Greek police press release according to which Macedonia had closed its border with Greece for Afghan migrants, letting through only Iraqi and Syrian citizens.

However, Serbia officially refuted Macedonian police claims that Serbia had closed its border with Macedonia. "The borders are open. The Republic of Serbia has in no way closed the border with Macedonia, Bulgaria or any other state. Everyone, in line with the rules set up by Austria and Slovenia, has the right to move. Serbia does not decide... who can cross its territory and how without consulting the states behind us on the migrant route," Labour and Welfare Minister Aleksandar Vulin said.

According to reports from south Serbia, about 500 migrants arrived last night to the Presevo reception centre near the Macedonian border. They are being registered and will then be taken to Sid by bus or train, RTS said.

Last update: Sun, 21/02/2016 - 21:10

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