Seselj boasts with diplomatic passport, says he's coming to Croatia

Serb Radical Party leader and Serbian lawmaker Vojislav Seselj on Tuesday boasted that he had been issued with a diplomatic passport and that he would be "coming to Zagreb soon."

"I hope that I as a reputable Serb diplomat, will not have any problems with Croatian authorities," Seselj said on his Twitter profile.

A photo of Seselj's diplomatic passport appeared on Twitter, however, the Serbian foreign ministry has not confirmed the news that Seselj had been issued with a passport.

The passport describes Seselj as a "national delegate in the Serbian National Assembly," and that it was issued by the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Members of parliament in Serbia are eligible among others for diplomatic passports that are issued for the purpose of conducting certain missions abroad.

In late March, an International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) Trial Chamber acquitted Seselj on all counts of the indictment for war crimes in Croatia, Vojvodina and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Seselj, who was leader of the nationalist Serbian Radical Party (SRP), stood accused of inciting and financing crimes against Croat, Muslim and other non-Serb populations committed by Serbian militias from 1991 to 1993. The verdict was handed down in absentia, as Seselj was medically unfit to travel to the Netherlands from a clinic in Serbia, where he is reportedly being treated for terminal cancer.

In May, the ICTY prosecution announced its appeal against Seselj's acquittal. The prosecution has first requested permission to file the appeal and then asked for the verdict to be quashed and for the trial to be repeated.

The prosecution had requested that Seselj be sentenced to 28 years and considers that the first instance ruling is incorrect because it did not provide valid reasons for its conclusions nor did it take into account the arguments and evidence provided by the prosecution which led to an incorrect assessment of the factual state on which grounds the indictment was raised.

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