Industrial output in Dec. goes down in EU, increases in Croatia

According to working-day adjusted data, industrial output in Croatia in December 2015 grew 0.9% on the year, while in the EU and the euro area it dropped, shows the latest report by the EU's statistical office Eurostat.

Industrial output in Croatia in December 2015 grew for the 11th consecutive month, which had not been recorded since 2007, two years before the start of a six-year recession. However, both according to working-day and seasonally adjusted data, industrial output in December dropped 1.2% from November, shows the Eurostat report.

In the 28-member EU industrial output in December dropped 0.8% from the same month the year before, according to working-day adjusted data. In the euro area it dropped 1.3%.

The drop in industrial production in December constitutes a reverse trend since in the second half of 2015, industrial output in the EU grew at rates ranging from 1.6% to 2.5%. In the euro area, it grew at similar rates.

in 2015, industrial output in the EU grew by 1.7% on average and by 1.4% in the euro area, shows the Eurostat report.

In Croatia, according to figures from the national statistical office, industrial output in 2015 grew by 2.6%, going up for the second year in a row and at a higher rate than in 2014, when it rose 1.3%.

Last update: Fri, 24/06/2016 - 08:49

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