Survey shows Croatian exporters have inefficient web sites

Almost 46% of corporate web sites of Croatian export-oriented companies do not contain basic tools needed to measure marketing efficiency and as many as 88% do not even use email newsletters, barely meeting the basic information needs of their clients, shows a survey conducted by the digital marketing consulting firm Logit

The survey covered 189 domestic companies providing products, services and/or solutions to other companies on the domestic and foreign markets (the so-called 'business to business' sector).

Even though the survey shows that the corporate web sites of many Croatian companies seem modern, only few are efficient and competitive in relation to their global rivals' web sites, which is a result of sparse web page content which does not include sales-efficient tools such as case studies, newsletters etc.

Logit considers as problematic the fact that managers of domestic export companies are very often not aware of those problems even though the global awareness of the impact of the Internet on purchase-related decisions is growing, as well as the fact that almost 50% of the surveyed companies do not have on their web sites query forms for their clients.

The survey also reveals the worrying fact that almost half the domestic export companies do not consider as important reference lists that would show clients with whom they have cooperated and that as many as 95.2% of the surveyed web sites do not contain testimonials as well as that more than 90% do not contain case studies that would inform potential clients about how implementing a product or service by a company has solved a concrete problem for a concrete buyer.

Logit says that despite the survey findings being as they are, they present a major challenge and an opportunity to make progress and optimise the efficiency of export companies' business-to-business web sites.

Last update: Wed, 22/06/2016 - 15:02

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