Almost half of workers in private companies have below-average salaries

The average net pay of 838,600 people working for private enterprises totalled HRK 5,019 in 2015 and almost half the workers had a salary below the national average, ranging from HRK 2,373 to 4,897, according to data provided by the Financial Agency (FINA).  

The data were obtained from a register of annual financial accounts covering reports by employers who are subject to profit tax payment, not including banks and insurance companies.

A total of 106,569 such employers last year had 838,584 workers, whose average net monthly salary amounted to HRK 5,019, 2.5% more than the 2014 average.

However, 406,460 or 48.5% of those workers had a salary that was below the national average, ranging from HRK 2,373 (people working as household help) to HRK 4,897, which was the average pay of 9,952 employees in the healthcare sector.

In the three sectors that employ the largest number of workers (56.6%), net salaries were below or close to the national average, with FINA noting that an annual salary increase was registered in those sectors as well.

In the manufacturing sector, which in 2015 employed 225,121 workers or 26.8% of all workers, the average net pay was roughly the same as the national average and amounted to HRK 5,016, up 4.1% from 2014.

The wholesale and retail sector last year employed 177,118 workers and their average pay was HRK 4,701, or 2.7% more than in 2014.

The average pay of 72,414 workers in the construction sector grew 1.8% to HRK 4,200.

A total of 207,003 workers received an average monthly salary that was above the national average in 2015, and FINA's data show that the highest average wage was paid to workers in the mining industry. There were 4,201 workers in the mining industry last year and their average pay totalled HRK 7,377, or 47% above the average.

A total of 14,641 workers in the electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply sector in 2015 earned HRK 7,294 per month, or 45.3% more than the national average, while 32,606 workers in the ICT sector were paid an average of HRK 7,126 per month, 42% above the national average.

Last update: Sun, 10/07/2016 - 15:18


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