Anti-Fascist League to hold meeting in tribute to Jasenovac victims on April 22

The Croatian Anti-Fascist League has said that it will hold a meeting in Zagreb's Victims of Fascism Square on April 22 to commemorate all victims of the World War II Ustasha regime killed in the Jasenovac concentration camp and to express its "concern about the ongoing historical revisionism that is being tolerated and supported by the present government."

The meeting, to start at 5 pm, has been prompted by the boycott of the official Jasenovac commemoration by the Coordinating Committee of Jewish Communities and the Serb National Council (SNV).

The Anti-Fascist League said those organisations represented descendants of the people who ended up at Jasenovac and other camps set up by the Ustasha regime in World War II just because they were Jews or Serbs.

"To describe that boycott as petty politics or politicising of the victims is not only a falsehood, it is utterly hypocritical and irresponsible. Those organisations do not benefit in any way from the steps they have decided to take, doing so under the huge pressure of what could be called daily downplaying of the criminal character of the Ustasha ideology, free glorification of that regime, and, to put it mildly, a lack of action of the incumbent government regarding such developments," the Anti-Fascist League said in a statement.

It warned senior office-holders that the Jasenovac victims were most shamefully politicised by not mentioning the political context of their suffering.

The victims of Jasenovac and other Ustasha-run camps were not victims of a tsunami or an earthquake, or of an act of revenge, it said.

"They were the victims of policies and ideas promoted by the Independent State of Croatia, whose overt apologists sit in the incumbent government," the Anti-Fascist League said.

It said that on Friday, April 15, it would attend a commemoration for the Jasenovac victims to be organised by the Coordinating Committee of Jewish Communities at the Jasenovac Memorial Centre, as well as a commemoration to be organised by the SNV and the Association of Anti-Fascist Fighters on April 24.

Last update: Wed, 13/04/2016 - 17:00

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