Bridge party presents its ministerial candidates

Bridge party leader Bozo Petrov on Thursday presented in the party's offices the six ministerial candidates of his party, noting that the way they were chosen gave reason for optimism about a fruitful four-year term of the new government.

"I am thrilled by how the fight was fought and the negotiations proceeded over the past two and a half months to arrive at this result. I know that it may have been too long but eventually the result can be seen and considering that we have achieved what we have been insisting on from the beginning , a professional reformist government, we must be satisfied," Petrov said.

He said that expectations from the ministerial candidates were great. "Considering the way they were chosen, I don't believe in anything but success," said Petrov.

Tomislav Panenic, Bridge's candidate for Economy Minister, said that economic progress would help other sectors and that he expected those other sectors to help the economy be propulsive and competitive.

The candidate for Public Administration Minister, Dubravka Jurlina Alibegovic, whose career at the Institute of Economics has focused on public administration, reform of local and regional self-government units, fiscal decentralisation and the relationship between local and regional self-government units, promised to work on making employees in public administration satisfied and well paid.

"One of the things that need to be done is make all employees in public administration happy and motivated and well paid and do their job well," she said.

Ante Sprlje, the candidate for Justice Minister, said that he would work to make justice no longer front page news.

Davor Romic, the candidate for Agriculture Minister, said that he would work to solve burning issues in the agriculture sector.

"I will be the voice of all those who live for and off agriculture and who want progress. My team is not only about the people at the ministry but about everything that articulates agriculture, forestry, the food industry and fisheries," he said.

Slaven Dobrovic, the candidate for Minister of Environmental Protection, said that Croatia was a beautiful and clean country and that environmental protection was an important sector. "We are facing important tasks in promoting the system for nature protection, better waste management, and an efficient society," said Dobrovic.

Vlaho Orepic, who has been nominated for the position of Minister of the Interior, said only that he would like to be seen as a person determined to protect the common good.

Bridge issued a statement after the news conference saying that it had defined a reform plan and that it would assess the speed and quality of their implementation, as well as that if some of the ministers failed to meet those criteria, it would demand their resignation.

Last update: Thu, 21/01/2016 - 19:18


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