Bridge party says Christmas 2015 will be remembered

The Bridge party said in its Christmas message to citizens on Thursday that Christmas 2015 would be remembered as the first time that Croatia had a non-partisan prime minister-designate, a respectable man and a businessman, calling on citizens to support them and stressing that they were embarking on a fight for reforms and change.

"We are in the middle of the ocean and sharks are approaching. The Croatia Is Growing coalition will never forgive us because we destroyed their chance to prolong their four-year-long idleness. Part of the public is throwing stones at us because they feel cheated and our current partner in the agreement on a reformist government, the Patriotic Coalition, certainly sees us as a bridge for coming to power.

We are neither naive nor blind. We just need time. The Patriotic Coalition is our partner now. For now. If they try to suck us in, we will give up everything," the party said on its Facebook page.

"After the debacle with Croatia Is Growing, we agonized over a new election. But one should be realistic. We would have ended up in the same stalemate. This was our only chance for change," the party said, adding that it "won the first battle."

"We have a non-partisan expert who can manage big systems. All the faces we have been watching on the political scene no longer represent our country. It is represented by a respectable man, a businessman who, if he can make money for himself, can make money for Croatia too.

Naturally, we are closely watching him. And now we are embarking on battle number two: reforms and change. We won't allow the finding of meal tickets and crime. We won't allow the same faces at the helm of the key ministries," Bridge said, asking citizens "for patience."

"We believe the insults we have received in recent weeks haven't been hurled even at many known robbers of our country. Give us time, support us. For the first time, we have a new situation in Croatia. Let us prove ourselves. We wish you a peaceful and blessed Christmas!

And don't forget, we didn't steal your Christmas. They have been stealing it from you for 20 years. And we are trying to return it to you with an expert and non-partisan prime minister-designate. That's why, merry Christmas," the party said.

Last update: Fri, 25/12/2015 - 14:31

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