Bridge says wants the voice of the people to win in parliament

The Bridge party wants the voice of the people to win in parliament because Bridge members did not enter politics to feather their nest but to bring changes for the better, Bridge leader Bozo Petrov said at the party's final election rally on Tuesday.

Petrov added that the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and the Social Democratic Party (SDP) had ignored Bridge's calls to provide guarantees for future cooperation.  

"I ask citizens, do you want the country to work for you or do you want politicians who live at our expense," Petrov told the rally.

The HDZ and the SDP are keeping silent about our demands because Bridge is no longer asking for promises that things will change but rather guarantees that they want to work for Croatian citizens, said Petrov.

The terms for post-election cooperation with the HDZ and the SDP which Bridge recently made public are democratisation of Croatia's political and election systems, changing the way the political system is financed, proclaimation of an exclusive economic zone in the Adriatic, amendment of the Distraint Act, amendment of the Croatian Radio Television Act, amendment of legislation on wages in local and regional self-government units and the removal of corporate taxes.

Bridge is different from others because its 12 delegates remained loyal to the prime minister even though they were intimidated or given special offers, particularly when the HDZ and the SDP embarked on bringing the government down, said Petrov.

"We showed that decency, honesty can prevail in Croatia," he said.

Petrov added that this time there would not be a non-partisan prime minister, not because Tihomir Oreskovic didn't do a good job but because Croatian politicians were not mature enough for such a notion.

Last update: Tue, 06/09/2016 - 21:02

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