Brkic: Reformist government of HDZ and Bridge faces difficult and responsible task

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) secretary-general Milijan Brkic said on Wednesday that the HDZ's Patriotic Coalition and the Bridge party would form a reformist government together, by selecting the most competent and moral people.

"After weeks of tough negotiations, the HDZ and the Patriotic Coalition will, together with Bridge, form a reformist government that will have a difficult and responsible task. We want to restore the confidence of our people, of all our citizens, in state institutions and politics," Brkic said on his Facebook account.

Brkic said that the HDZ would insist on the appointment of people who would best serve the Croatian citizens and state. "We will choose the most competent, the most responsible and the most moral people," he said, adding that the people would be able to follow the performance and behaviour of government officials.

Brkic said that the new government "must protect our one and only state, Croatia, and preserve it for our children and future generations." "We shall restore dignity and respect for Croatian war veterans, Croatian families, our Church and our traditional values, which have been mercilessly attacked and wounded. We are no saints, we are not impeccable, but we showed our readiness to sacrifice, even our own lives, when it was the toughest."

He said that during the negotiations with Bridge, the HDZ and the Patriotic Coalition had demonstrated fairness, adherence to principles and consistency, adding that they were not fighting for power but for Croatia. He stressed that the time of arrogance, irresponsibility and lack of consideration was over, that Croatia needed to be saved from economic ruin and that the emigration of young people needed to be stopped.

"We need to remove the barbed wire from our western borders, with which the previous government had us fenced off with its policy. We need to restore cooperation and good neighbourly relations with our ethnic kin in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with neighbouring countries and with our emigrant communities," Brkic said. "We need to implement reforms that will ensure stability for our country and prosperity for our people."

Last update: Wed, 23/12/2015 - 13:10

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