Croatia fares poorly in "Smiling Report"

The Smiling Report, which comprises customer service data from evaluations conducted across a spectrum of industries, shows that Croatia ranks 35th out of 37 countries when it comes to "Smile" as an element of service quality.

The report "is a summary of the answers to more than 1.1 million questions covering Smile, Greeting and Add-on sales in 61 countries during 2015. Overall 83% of the customers received a smile, 87% were greeted while only 56% received an add-on sales suggestion. The aggregated score for smiling is a bit higher than in previous years, greeting is at the same level as in the two previous years, and add-on sales is as in all previous surveys, much lower than smiling and greeting. However, add-on sales have increased a lot since the first Smiling Report in 2004 when the score was 45%," the MSPA, the trade organization for Mystery Shopping Providers, reported recently.

"Ireland is for the second year at the top of the Smiling ranking, now with 100%. Spain and Switzerland scored 97%, and Greece 94%. At the bottom of the list of smiling countries, we find Hong Kong with 48%, Macau 53% and Croatia 59%. The countries with the largest improvements compared with 2014 are Romania (90%) and Bulgaria (89%). Also South Korea improved a lot but they are still among the lowest scoring countries with 67%."

Broken down by continent, Europe and North America were the highest scoring continents with 87%, followed by South America with 84%. The lowest scoring continent was Asia with 65%.

Broken down by type of industry, "highest scoring industries were Automotive with 89%, and Hospitality with 88%, followed by Finance with 84% and Retail with 82%, while the lowest was Transport with only 43% smiling."

When it comes to Greeting, Croatia also fared not so well. It ranks 45th out of 53 countries. Guatemala tops this ranking.

When it comes to Add-on Sales, Croatia occupies 36th place out of 41 countries in this ranking that is topped by Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia.

The report was provided to Hina by the "Heraklea" mystery shopping agency.

Last update: Sun, 01/05/2016 - 18:33

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