Croatian Electoral Commission receives 120 slates, 20 candidacies for Sept 11 election

By Saturday afternoon the Croatian Electoral Commission (DIP) received more than 120 slates for 11 constituencies and more than 20 candidacies for Constituency No. 12, where ethnic minorities elect their representatives.  

DIP will be receiving slates for the September 11 early parliamentary election until midnight on Saturday.

Among the political parties that submitted their slates today was also the Pametno (Smartly) party, whose leader Marijana Puljak said that more and more people recognised them as a serious party, offering no false promises.

The party's programme focuses on education and on the continuation of the curriculum reform, changes in the economic sector, to be achieved by stimulating enterprise, and the reduction of the number of local self-government units, she said.

"We want an open, civic Croatia. We want the separation of church and state, a secular state, rights for all minorities and the right of women to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. We want Croatia to finally be able stand side by side with all developed countries. We count on the support of people who want a turnaround towards an open, tolerant and civic society," Puljak said.

As for possible post-election coalitions, Puljak said the party did not see itself in a coalition with the parties that formed the outgoing government because it did not share their vision of what the Croatian society should be like.

"As for the People's Coalition, the way they ran the country is problematic. After the elections we will cooperate with those who support goals in our platform and will not enter coalitions with those who for the past 25 years have been involved in political trade-offs, corruption and clientelism," said Puljak.

Pametno will be running in the elections in a coalition with the party "For the City".


Last update: Sat, 13/08/2016 - 19:45

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