Croatian PM says deal with Great Britain represent great day for EU

Croatian Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic has said that reaching an agreement with Great Britain is a great day for the European Union because without Great Britain the EU would not be the EU.

"Today is a great day for the European Union. I believe it was clear to everyone that without Great Britain the European Union is not the European Union and I am confident that this is success for everyone," Oreskovic said after the summit of the EU leader in Brussels.

At Friday's summit that ran into overtime, EU leaders agreed unanimously on a package of measures aimed at keeping Britain in the 28-nation bloc to avoid a potentially disastrous break up. Their legally binding decision granted Britain an explicit exemption from the founding goal of "ever closer union", offered concessions on the welfare rights of migrant workers and safeguards for the City of London financial center.

"I wish a lot of success to Prime Minister (David) Cameron. He needs to go to the referendum now and I hope Great Britain will vote to stay in the EU," Oreskovic said.

Asked if part of the agreement referring to welfare allowances for workers in other EU member countries would affect Croatian workers and reduce their rights, such as child allowances, PM Oreskovic said the law would be the same for everyone in the bloc.

"When it comes to Great Britain, we still do not enjoy the same rights as the citizens of other member states. The law would in the end be the same for everyone in then EU. This is a compromise. Great Britain asked for changes and this will be a great challenge -- to stay or the leave the EU. I believe it is in the interest of all of us, including Croatia, for Great Britain to remain in the EU. Prime Minister Cameron has received a platform which he can present to the citizens of Great Britain. In the end, victory for everyone, we are all part of the EU and we will have the same laws," Oreskovic said.

Asked if he and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, with whom he met on the fringes of the summit, talked about energy security, Oreskovic said they talked about investments in which both Croatia and Hungary could have interests, such as the railway from the northern Adriatic port of Rijeka to the Hungarian border, the LNG terminal and other projects in the energy sector.

Last update: Fri, 24/06/2016 - 08:49


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