Eko Kvarner urges next government to pay more attention to renewable energy

The Eko Kvarner environmental organisation said in a statement on Sunday that the future government in Croatia should turn to top local experts on renewable energy sources rather than listen to "well-positioned lobbyists of fossil fuel traders".

Commenting on the Conference on Climate Change that has just ended in Paris, Eko Kvarner says that the next government should stop listening "only to well-positioned lobbyists of fossil fuel traders and experts who have been active for decades only in the domain of fossil fuels."

The organisation called on the future government to take up the challenge and make Croatia "a scientific, organisational and industrial leader" in renewable energy sources in Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean by repurposing the remnants of once powerful industry with the help of scientists from Croatian universities and by organising energy cooperatives. Such associations have already been established on Krk island and in Kastela, and Krk has developed a strategy for a systematic transition to become an energy independent and carbon dioxide neutral island, it said, adding that other areas of the country could also embark on this successful path.

Eko Kvarner says that it was "extremely bizarre and cynical that at the opening of the Paris conference former Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic spoke about the fight against climate change after his government had, during its entire term, fought for the construction of coal-fired thermal power plants and for oil drilling in the Adriatic, systematically obstructing any stronger use of renewable energy sources."

The organisation says that the closing document of the Paris conference only marks "a long and painstaking process" to save the climate on the planet from the disastrous impact of humankind and stop the unnecessary and unreasonable use of fossil fuels that is irreversibly destroying Earth.

Last update: Sun, 13/12/2015 - 14:14

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