HDZ, Bridge in "mild dispute" only on primary waste selection

Representatives of the Bridge party and the Croatian Democratic Union said on Friday they were satisfied with today's negotiations on reforms concerning agriculture, energy and environmental protection, saying the only "mild dispute" concerned primary waste selection.

 Asked by reporters what the two sides were not agreed on, Ruzica Vukovac of Bridge said "just a little bit concerning the ecology."

Vukovac said she was especially pleased with the negotiations on agriculture, which she said had seriously suffered thanks to politics. "Agriculture must be built to be strong and this country's foundation, which currently it isn't."

She said there was no talk of oil exploitation in the Adriatic. "It was briefly said that we are not against exploration, but whether potential resources should be put into function is a question."

Asked if Bridge was more satisfied with the negotiations with the HDZ- or the Social Democratic Party-led (SDP) coalition and how it would decide which one to support for the formation of the new government, Vukovac said Bridge still did not know "which conditions will be weighed" and how it would decide.

"We've asked for a government of experts, which both support, and this would be the best solution for us," she said, adding that a few more topics would be negotiated next week. "It's impossible to reform only one or two sectors. All five key points must be carried out."

Asked if Bridge wanted to run the Agriculture Ministry, Vukovac said "that's a very important department."

The chair of the HDZ Environmental Protection and Energy Committee, Darko Horvat, said he was satisfied with the "full consensus," the only "mild dispute" being one concerning primary waste selection "and the commitments we undertook."

"We have the same interest, firm and common family farming, the farmland issue, direct payments, rural development," said Krunoslav Zmaic, chair of the HDZ Agriculture Committee.

Asked about Bridge's initiative for an agricultural bank, he said the HDZ's position was that agricultural banks were very desirable. He said there were a number of models. "Either establishing a new agricultural bank or using the existing infrastructure, which would mean the recapitalisation of the Croatian Postal Bank or Croatia Bank."

Last update: Fri, 20/11/2015 - 22:58

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