HDZ chief rules out grand coalition

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic on Monday said that a big coalition with the SDP-led People's Coalition would not happen because there won't be any need for it, adding that he believed that the next prime minister should come from that party that gets the most votes.

Plenkovic made the statement at the presentation of the HDZ and Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS) election platform in constituency I, underscoring that elections aren't held so that "in the end we come to agreement on policies in parliament."

"Elections are held so that we can present candidates, ideas, platforms and then it is up to the Croatian voters to elect those people they believe will implement that platform," he said, adding that he did not consider HDZ had any obligations toward the Bridge party for any difficulties that may have arisen during their previous cooperation.

"I believe that the prime minister should come from that party that gets the most votes and with the backing of other parties, create a majority in parliament," Plenkovic said, adding that there would not be any more experiments.

He assessed that the prime minister must have partisan authority and electoral legitimacy. "They are the two essential aspects that HDZ will insist upon," he said and underscored that that was required for democracy to function normally.

Plenkovic, who took the helm of the HDZ in late July, stressed that he had consolidated the party and that the HDZ now knows what it wants and with which people and how to implement its platform.

HDZ will forecast political stability, security and the rule of law in Croatia and will work on eradicating corruption, Plenkovic said, adding that small and medium-sized businesses were the European backbone and will be for Croatia's economy.

"All European parties are focused on a responsible individual who with their work, knowledge, adaptability to globalisation and European integration, attempts to give added value to themselves and their family, the community and country as a taxpayer," Plenkovic said and added that that was HDZ's guiding mission.

The individual has to be in focus and the state has to create the framework and offer favourable circumstances, and that is our ambition, he said.

Plenkovic presented all 14 candidates for the constituency including HSLS leader Darinko Kosor who said that his party was and remained a credible partner to the HDZ.

Last update: Mon, 22/08/2016 - 17:30

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