HDZ chief says will do everything to avoid new elections

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party chief Tomislav Karamarko has said he will do everything to avoid new parliamentary elections, stressed stressing hat Croatia does not have time for and should not waste energy on them.

"I will do everything to avoid the new elections. The country is in a deep economic crisis, the migrant crisis is at its peek, Croatia's national security is faced with numerous challenges," Karamarko said in an interview with Vecernji List daily, which hit the newsstands on Saturday.

He said that ever since the attacks in Paris he was not calm and as a former head of Security and Intelligence Agency and Interior Ministry official he believed Croatia must be extremely cautious and serious with these issues. Karamarko warned that the incumbent government had been letting migrants in the country for days without any control. "Yes, we are humanists, but security must be a priority. Anyone hoping for new elections is irresponsible," he underscored.

Should new elections take place, the HDZ chief believes his party would score even better. "New elections would not bring anything bad to the HDZ, but Croatia has no time and it should not waste energy on new elections," he warned.

Commenting on a possible insisting of the Bridge reformist party on the position of prime minister designate, Karamarko said the HDZ and Bridge would leave the issue of prime minister designate for next week. In his opinion, the two parties need to take into account the will of citizens, underscoring that the HDZ was the relative winner of the parliamentary elections.

Karamarko also said he was not disappointed with the election results because two thirds of voters clearly said they want changes and 60% of those who want changes gave their votes to the HDZ-led coalition.

Asked to comment on the fact that the Social Democratic Party (SDP)-led coalition had a bigger coalition potential than the HDZ, given that the Istrian Democratic Party (IDS) and Radimir Cacic had already decided to support the SDP, Karamarko said one should not rush with conclusions. He added that Zoran Milanovic's current policy was not based on principles, but on his desire to stay in power.

Asked if he would run for HDZ president again, Karamarko said it was too early for this decision and that this was something that could be discussed after the new government was formed.

Last update: Thu, 23/06/2016 - 15:06

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