HDZ-led coalition wins 3,641 votes more than SDP coalition in Croatia

The Patriotic Coalition, led by the HDZ party, won 3,641 votes more than the SDP's Croatia Is Growing coalition in the 10 constituencies in Croatia.

A total of 746,294 people voted for the Patriotic Coalition and 742,653 voted for Croatia Is Growing, securing each of the two coalitions 56 seats in the parliament. The HDZ-led coalition has also won the three seats intended for Croatian nationals without residence in Croatia (Constituency No. 11). In that constituency, the HDZ-led coalition won 22,444 votes or 85.69% of the vote, which, when added to the other votes won by that coalition, makes 26,085 votes more compared to the SDP-led coalition.

The SDP also counts in its election result the votes won by the IDS/PGS/RI coalition, which in Constituency No. 8 has won 42,193 votes or three seats in the parliament. Even though these two coalitions did not run in the election together, IDS leaders have insisted that a post-election agreement is possible only with the left-wing coalition, and by no means with the HDZ-led coalition. The IDS held a ministerial post in the outgoing government, being in charge of the tourism sector.

The third strongest coalition, Bridge, was supported by 302,327 voters and won 19 seats in the parliament. The coalition passed the election threshold of five per cent in all 10 constituencies in the country and is definitely the biggest surprise of the election.

Aside from the IDS, the other regional party to enter the parliament is the Croatian Democratic Party of Slavonia and Baranja (HDSSB), having won 21,844 ballots or 11.6% of the vote.

One seat was also secured by Reformist Radimir Cacic, who won 13,314 (6.44%) of votes in Constituency No. 3, while his coalition partner, former president Ivo Josipovic did not manage to get the support of the electorate who voted for him in the presidential election. Josipovic was running in Constituency No. 1, where he won 2,365 votes or 1.01% of the vote.

Last update: Mon, 09/11/2015 - 15:00

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