HDZ official says party to do its best to preserve government

The secretary-general of the ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), Milijan Brkic, has said that the HDZ will do its best to help the government survive and that current problems were caused by the "adolescent behaviour" of the Bridge party, the HDZ's partner in the government. 

"If you have together assumed the responsibility for running the country, then you have to assume responsibility together if some things don't go well. The HDZ is the biggest party in the history of the Croatian nation and as such, we definitely have the political experience of running the state, while some, who have just appeared on the political scene, are, unfortunately, learning slowly. In doing so, they sometimes make mistakes," Brkic said in an interview with Nova TV on Friday evening.

The HDZ official said Bridge had taken the bait thrown at it by the opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP) and become a tool in its hands.

"I hope they will soon realise it."

Asked if the HDZ would look for a new first deputy prime minister as suggested by Bridge, Brkic said: "Let us finally get serious and start dealing with problems in our own house."

"The HDZ will not allow anyone to blackmail it or give it any ultimatums. Also, others will most certainly not choose our selector or our players. So the answer is no. As for what the HDZ will do, the party's bodies will make a decision."

"The HDZ is a responsible party and will certainly do its best and use every possibility to preserve this government and have reforms finally launched," he said.

Asked if his party would now attempt to break Bridge up, in light of speculations about such a plan, Brkic said that "the Croatian public knows who tried to break Bridge up."

"The SDP, led by Zoran Milanovic, did it... the HDZ will most certainly not break Bridge up, the HDZ has from day one supported a complete, united Bridge and our cooperation on reforms."

Last update: Sat, 28/05/2016 - 11:48

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