HRID leader: We can expect a conservative revolution

The leader of the HRID party, Drago Prgomet, has said that after the Patriotic Coalition and the Bridge reformist party form a government, one can expect a conservative revolution and the adoption of retrograde laws.

"Considering some of the parties that are members of that coalition, such as Hrast, the HCSP, the HSP Ante Starcevic, which are very conservative, and statements by potential ministers, such as Ante Corusic of the HDZ and other HDZ members, we can expect something that in today's Europe is known as a conservative revolution, namely an attempt to restrict freedoms and adopt laws that take us back to the past," Prgomet said in an interview with the N1 TV station when asked if the fear of new conservatism was justified given reports that a debate on the right to abortion would soon be opened.

"HRID will advocate liberal democracy, civil freedoms, individual rights and we will not accept changes that would in any way restrict individual freedoms and rights," said Prgomet.

Commenting on Prime Minister Designate Tihomir Oreskovic, Prgomet said: "I don't know him personally, he evidently has a top career... but a good democratic custom has been violated, and the election (of the Prime Minister Designate) is expected to be democratic. In an instant, a man was chosen who happened to be in Croatia. What if he had been in Canada? We have chosen a prime minister against democratic practice and it remains to be seen if his excellent managerial skills will be enough to make him a good politician," said Prgomet.

Prgomet is a former member of the National Council of the Bridge coalition of independent slates and was elected to the national parliament in the November 8 election on the Bridge slate. 

He was expelled from Bridge after it was revealed that he met privately with Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic at the time when Bridge was negotiating on government formation with both the Croatia Is Growing coalition, led by Milanovic's SDP party, and the Patriotic Coalition, led by the HDZ, which is now forming the new government with Bridge. 

Prgomet then formed his own party, HRID, and was joined by two other members of Bridge.
Prgomet was also critical of the way his former colleagues in the Bridge party communicate with the Patriotic Coalition. "You cannot negotiate a government and call your partner a shark. That's a coalition, I can't understand why Bridge is running away from that term and calling it cooperation. If you don't trust your coalition partner, I don't see how it can function," Prgomet said.

Last update: Mon, 11/01/2016 - 14:42


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