HSS leader says Patriotic Coalition no longer exists

Kreso Beljak, leader of the Croatian Peasant Party (HSS), a junior partner in the ruling Patriotic Coalition, said in a statement sent to Hina on Saturday that "the Patriotic Coalition as such no longer exists" and called on "decision-makers to call elections as soon as possible and put a stop to this agony."

"The Patriotic Coalition as such simply no longer exists. Even though the communication between political parties (making up the coalition) was very bad in recent months, the HSS was patient and justified the situation with problems between the HDZ and Bridge. However, after the latest developments and statements, it has become evident that it is not known when and with whom in the HDZ one should communicate," he said, noting that "Bridge has succeeded in its well-thought-out plan to topple not only Tomislav Karamarko but also the HDZ and the entire Patriotic Coalition."

That, Beljak says, "is only the first step in Bridge's attempt to take over the entire right political scene and they should be congratulated for their artfulness and perseverance." He added, however, that the attempt would end in a "likely return of the left camp to power" and called for an early election as the only possible solution to the current situation.

Last update: Sat, 18/06/2016 - 20:25

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