HSS terminates agreement with ruling Patriotic Coalition

The Main Committee of the Croatian Peasant Party (HSS) on Saturday unanimously decided to terminate all political agreements that were not honoured, including one with the ruling Patriotic Coalition, the party's leader Kreso Beljak told Hina after the meeting.

Beljak said that the HSS called on its coalition partners from the Patriotic Coalition to redefine their relations and begin talks on a possible new agreement.

Beljak said that the agreement was terminated because "specific guidelines" laid down in the agreement were not followed. "For example, the allocation of state-owned farm land to farmers is still done according to the model used by previous agriculture minister Tihomir Jakovina, which is unacceptable. There are also certain things regarding the sale of state property, such as the sale of Koncar, which again is absolutely unacceptable to the HSS," he explained.

He said that the HSS had signed several such agreements, including those with the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and its Patriotic Coalition, the Bridge party and Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic.

Beljak said that the HSS would not be "a hostage to certain things that are going on in the government" and that their voters expected them to do something about it.

"The HSS expects Croatia to move forward. It wants these political crises to stop and an agreement to be reached. We are ready to participate, we ask absolutely nothing for ourselves, but if an agreement is not possible, it is best that a new election is held. We are not calling for an early election, we think that at this point it would be a bad solution for Croatia, but this constant in-fighting is even worse," Beljak said.

Beljak said that the HSS was ready to continue cooperating with its partners from the Patriotic Coalition provided that the HSS was reckoned with and not treated as mere "hand raisers".

Asked how the two HSS members of parliament would vote on a motion of no confidence in First Deputy Prime Minister Karamarko (HDZ), Beljak said that he believed this vote would not take place at all, but if it did, "we will vote in accordance with our agreement and we need to agree on that."

Last update: Sat, 04/06/2016 - 20:37

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