Karamarko: It would be best if Oreskovic, Petrov and I left government

ZAGREB, June 8 (Hina) - Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader and First Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko told reporters on Wednesday that his party's decision to seek the impeachment of Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic was meant to cause a shock, stressing that he was willing to step down as First Deputy Prime Minister but that Oreskovic and Deputy PM Bozo Petrov should step down as well, in which case the HDZ would nominate a new prime minister-designate.

"It would be good if Oreskovic, Petrov and I left. The HDZ will nominate a prime minister-designate. We will do our best to overcome the problems. It would be best if the government leadership was renewed and if it started anew," Karamarko said.

Processes related to regrouping and the impeachment motion are progressing well, he said.

As for the letter by members of the European Parliament from the HDZ opposing the motion for the impeachment of PM Oreskovic, Karamarko said that everyone in the HDZ was entitled to their own opinion.

"However, it seems to me that they do not know all the details. I personally support such an attitude but decisions by the HDZ Presidency should be respected. We who are busy every minute of the day know that best," Karamarko said.

Asked if his giving up on the motion for the impeachment of PM Oreskovic was a possibility, he stressed that the HDZ's demand was meant to cause a shock and make it clear that the party had had enough "of this kind of work and this kind of relationship."

"Yesterday I called on all hotheads to calm down. We must work. Economic trends are good, everything is in our favour except for interpersonal relations which are definitely not good."

Asked about possible options, he said the HDZ would do its best to overcome the current problems as soon as possible.

"We will do our best to overcome the problems. It would be best if the PM, Petrov and I left the government, if the government was renewed and started anew," he said.

As for the prime minister-designate, he said: "I believe that the party with the most seats in the parliament has the right to nominate the PM-designate." 

"I did not push during (the post-election) negotiations when the issue of PM-designate was discussed, I won't do it now either. The party does not serve its own purpose, the interests of this state are more important than individuals' interests," he added.   

Asked if there was a possibility that Oreskovic stayed and he and Petrov left the government, Karamarko said that it was unlikely.

"It's difficult at the moment, I don't know what kind of changes should happen in the coming days. All options remain open if we reach agreement. The main thing is that we start working differently. We keep talking about reforms. The HDZ should be respected as the relative election winner, it cannot serve as a bearing structure for someone who wishes to hold an office," he added.

"It's good we have caused this shock, we did it to make it clear that this should stop and that we should start working normally," said the HDZ chief. 

Last update: Tue, 28/06/2016 - 17:51

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