Lovrinovic: MOST will ask for position of prime minister

A representative of the Bridge of Independent Slates, Ivan Lovrinovic, said on Saturday Bridge (MOST) would ask to be given the position of prime minister, namely prime minister designate, saying that in his opinion a person with emotional and social intelligence and ethic values should be in that position.

Lovrinovic told Croatian Radio that people usually think that the prime minister must be a "walking encyclopedia", adding that it was important that the prime minister surrounded him or herself with a group of topnotch experts who would know how to resolve this difficult crisis.

We did not come here to play, we want a quality government to be formed and this process can last, we will not halt it, Lovrinovic said.

We never said we would not or did not want to take part in the government. We asked for reforms and imagine would it would be like if we asked that somebody else, without a strong motive, implemented those reforms. We said this could be parties, but also experts awho are not appointed by the criteria such as loyalty and obedience, as has been the case in the past. We want to resolve unemployment and free the country of debt, resolve key issues, but not through fast-paced actions as some interest groups and parties would prefer. For the positions for which we will be unable to nominate our own experts, we will look for experts on the labour market, Lovrinovic said.

Asked if he was in favour of new elections if an agreement is not reached on Monday, Lovrinovic said he was not running away from the new elections, but that he most certainly would not provoke them and that he will do his best to prevent them. In his opinion, probabilities of forming a government were higher than those of new elections.

He also said that in case of a new election, he would run again with the Bridge of Independent Slates.

The November 8 parliamentary elections ended with neither of the main parties, the opposition conservative Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and the outgoing center-left coalition led by the Social Democrats (SDP), winning an outright majority.

The former took 59 seats in the 151-seat parliament, the latter 56 seats. Thus, the role of the likely kingmaker fell on the three-year-old Bridge party, which won 19 seats. In the meantime, Drago Prgomet was ousted and formed his own HRID party and another two deputies left. Bridge now hold 16 seats in the national parliament.

Last update: Sat, 05/12/2015 - 13:54

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