Parliament Speaker meets protesting war veterans

Parliament Speaker Zeljko Reiner on Monday received a delegation of disgruntled war veterans who have been holding a sit-in protest outside the War Veterans' Affairs Ministry for more than a year, and after the meeting Reiner told the press that the dissatisfied protesters were mostly disheartened by their treatment in society which they thought was inappropriate.

The delegation also included the newly appointed minister Mijo Crnoja  and the head of the parliamentary committee on war veterans, Miodrag Demo.

Some problems can be solved soon, and some will take more time, as the solutions will require a change of atmosphere in society, Reiner said expressing fear that some time would be needed to ensure that the Homeland Defence War and veterans be accepted as pillars of the present-day state.

Asked about an idea of Minister Crnoja of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) about compiling and publishing a register of traitors, Reiner, also of the HDZ, said that Crnoja should be asked first to clarify whether it would be a register of aggressors or something else, and that for the time being he could not comment on that.

Asked by reporters whether he had asked Crnoja during today's meeting what that register meant, Reiner said they had discussed the problems bothering war veterans.

One of the leaders of the protesting veterans in the tent outside the ministry, Djuro Glogoski said that the talks had revolved around the issues which war veterans and their families were faced with.

The Parliament Speaker has shown understanding and we believe we are on the right track, he said.

Asked whether the protesters would dismantle their tent outside the ministry, Glogoski said he believed that they believed that the cooperation would now be developed into a good direction.

Asked about Crnoja's idea of a traitors register, Glogoski said that there were greater problems facing the war veterans' community than that matter. "If there is a need for that, then there are institutions that will do their job," he added.

Last update: Mon, 25/01/2016 - 17:26

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