Perkovic, Mustac found guilty, sentenced to life

The Higher Regional Court in Munich on Wednesday found Yugoslav-era Croatian intelligence officials Josip Perkovic and Zdravko Mustac guilty of the murder of Croatian dissident Stjepan Djurekovic near Munich in 1983 and sentenced them to life in prison.

The Munich court said that at the time of the murder, Perkovic and Mustac were senior officials of the State Security Service (SDS) which initiated and carried out the execution of Stjepan Djurekovic.

Presiding judge Manfred Dauster said that in late 1982 or early 1983 Mustac authorised Perkovic to launch preparations for the execution of Stjepan Djurekovic.

He refuted claims by the defence that the federal SDS authorities (also known as Udba) was in charge of Djurekovic's execution.

The motive for removing Djurekovic was established through his hostile activities and involvement in financial embezzlement in Ina. It was believed that the problem with Ina, which became a large burden for the state leadership over investigations into embezzlement worth several million dollars, would be eliminated with the elimination of Djurekovic, Dauster said.

The presiding judge also said the Croatian authorities cooperated well with the German judicial bodies and handed over all requested files. 

Last update: Wed, 03/08/2016 - 12:32

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