Petrov dismisses speculations about Bridge rift

Bridge party chief Bozo Petrov on Thursday refuted media headlines that some Bridge members, dissatisfied with the with the way he is conducting negotiations with two major coalitions in a manner of "a solo player", organised a secret meeting two days ago at which they decided that no new elections should be held.

"There was no such meeting. There have been various rumours over the past three weeks most of which are untrue and insinuations," Petrov said in an interview with N1 broadcaster, adding that a meeting of the Bridge leadership and elected deputies is scheduled for Friday..

He also commented on criticism forwarded to him by former Bridge member and current HRID party chief Drago Prgomet over the document Petrov had signed in a public notary's office before the election guaranteeing that he would not enter a coalition with either the Social Democratic Party (SDP) or with the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ).  Prgomet said Petrov had signed that statement at his own accord and that was his own independent decision that obliges only him and him alone, and that it was a huge political burden on Bridge's entire platform, which Petrov now planned to remove by new elections.

Petrov, however, said his signature was binding for the entire bridge party. "The only person who didn't agree with the signature was Mr Prgomet. Three days after the elections, it was clear to everyone why he was against it," Petrov said.

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