Petrov prepared to stand down as Deputy PM

Deputy Prime Minister and Bridge leader Bozo Petrov on Monday said that he was personally prepared to stand down if the leader of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Tomislav Karamarko remained in government and added that "it is likely that Bridge ministers would not remain in the government either." 

"An individual should never be above the state, above the party, nor should a party be above national interests and that is what should have been clear to anyone who wants to be involved in politics," Petrov told reporters after a special session of parliament and confirmed that if Karamarko remained in government, he (Petrov) was prepared to resign.

Asked what will happen to Bridge's ministers, Petrov said that the National Council will decide on that. "I am of the opinion that we will not lower our criteria and it is most likely that not one minister from the Bridge quota would remain in the government," he said.

Petrov commented on Karamarko's message that Petrov would no longer be part of the government, saying that this was a "mistaken concept."

"I know that that is a mistaken concept. I am sorry because we are not attacking the government and do not wish anything bad for this government. But if you examine all our statements from the moment the government was formed, they all went in the direction that we want to protect this government and wish it to be stable regardless of various information that came from other camps over the past four months. We definitely want the government to succeed but not at any price. I think that we all need to have political and personal responsibility and the government cannot be a hostage to just one person," he said.

Asked whether he knew why Karamarko did not attend today's special session of Sabor, Petrov said that he did not know and added "I don't know what I could possibly have to say about that." That's his personal decision whether he wants to come to such ceremonious sessions or not," he said.

Last update: Mon, 30/05/2016 - 18:09

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