Plenkovic: We want to make partnerships where partners can help us

The Croatian Democratic Union's (HDZ) highest bodies were meeting on Monday to decide on the party's partners in the forthcoming early parliamentary election, set for September 11.

"Our plan is as follows: we want the HDZ to run in the election at the national level and we are making partnerships where our partners can help us. We will discuss that today," Plenkovic told the press before a meeting of the HDZ Presidency.

Commenting on statements by the secretary general of the Croatian Party of Rights - Dr Ante Starcevic (HSP AS), Pero Coric, regarding pre-election cooperation between the two parties, Plenkovic said that there had been "no ultimatums, only talks".

Davor Ivo Stier, who is expected to be approved by the Main Committee today as the party's political secretary, said that the HDZ respected the HSP AS's members and voters, but that the HDZ did not care much about political trade-offs.

"Coric is unhappy and displeased because he can see that his blackmail does not work with us. He has realised that he has done a big mistake to think that he can trade with us as Stipe Gabric Jambo does with Zoran Milanovic, but Andrej is different from Milanovic and he is not building a trading coalition," Stier said.

Stipe Gabric Jambo is a member of the Croatian Peasant Party (HSS), a coalition partner to the Social Democratic Party (SDP) of Zoran Milanovic.

HDZ deputy leader Milijan Brkic said that "partners are never presented with ultimatums."

Coric said last week that if the HDZ broke the agreement with them, the HSP AS would immediately terminate all coalition agreements with the HDZ at local level, namely in 12 counties.

The HDZ Presidency meeting will be followed by meetings of the party's National Council and Main Committee.

Last update: Mon, 25/07/2016 - 13:21

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