Pupovac: We won't back gov't that would include Hasanbegovic

The vice-president of the Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS), Milorad Pupovac, told the N1 television on Thursday that representatives of ethnic minorities could participate in the majority to be formed in the new parliament, but noted that his party would definitely not support a government in which Zlatko Hasanbegovic would sit.

"Zlatko Hasanbegovic is the antipode to (Croatian Democratic Union leader Andrej) Plenkovic. He is the reason for Croatia having been portrayed negatively in the EU and the rest of the world. What makes the country's portrayals rosy is Plenkovic. We cannot support a person who promotes revisionist positions. We will certainly not support a government that would include Hasanbegovic," said Pupovac.

Commenting on the new HDZ leader Plenkovic, Pupovac said that he had a good chance of being a good prime minister because of his above-average reputation in European and international circles, which, he said, was not a small thing for Croatia.

"Such people are invaluable. We need new reaffirmation in the EU. Plenkovic is a person who does not cause conflicts, he brings people together and selects them. That is my impression. He will want to be the Prime Minister, and that means leading the government in the real sense of the word and knowing what each minister is doing. He will be a full-time prime minister," said Pupovac.

Asked about the starting positions of ethnic minorities regarding negotiations on government formation, Pupovac said that this time there was a slightly greater possibility of all eight minority representatives acting together because there were no attempts to break them up and because the political situation was simpler than eight months ago.

Minority MPs have already agreed on their basic positions, which are that they will have a single club of deputies, that they will stick together and that they will work on fully defining their basic common documents, he said.

Asked about the form of their possible participation in the ruling majority, Pupovac said that they did not want it to be fluid and that it would be best to define the relationship by signing an agreement that would become an integral part of the government's platform.

Last update: Thu, 15/09/2016 - 13:43


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