Reiner says won't convene parliament, accuses Bridge of hypocrisy

Parliament Speaker Zeljko Reiner has said that he does not intend to convene the parliament so that it could resume its session until its dissolution on July 15, describing as hypocritical the Bridge party's request that he should do it so that the parliament could pass amendments to the Act on the Financing of Political Activities and Electioneering.

"The request, submitted by Bridge and Mr (Robert) Podolnjak, for the parliament to continue working for the next two and a half weeks, is sheer electioneering activity. My only comment is - and I will use a term I do not usually use - hypocrisy," Reiner told reporters in the parliament.

He recalled that Bridge submitted the final amendments to the said law only yesterday and wondered why it had not done it earlier.

"They submitted (the request) and notified the media right away, to get some media attention. The amendments boil down to a slight reduction of funding for political parties. This is not any crucial law and my answer to them is similar to my answer to their earlier question if the parliamentary session would continue - it will continue if there is any real need," said Reiner.

He added that he was confident that none of the bills submitted to the parliament by the outgoing government was of such importance that its non-adoption would jeopardise the state and that he did not see any need to adopt "EU laws" under fast-track procedure either.

"Some of those laws have been on hold for more than six months, they have been inherited from the previous government and I can't see how they could be dealt with in the last two weeks of the parliament's term," said Reiner, accusing Bridge of having voted for the parliament's dissolution together with the Social Democrats and the Labour Party.

Last update: Tue, 28/06/2016 - 17:43

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