SDP chief says parl must be dissolved, new election called

Social Democratic Party (SDP) chief Zoran Milanovic said on Monday it would be good for the parliament to get dissolved and for a snap election to be called immediately, adding that although the SDP is faring well at the moment, this doesn't mean it will win the election.

At this moment SDP is faring well in polls, but that does not mean that we will win the new election, however, the people have realised that we are good and that this experiment (with the current government) has failed, Milanovic told N1 television.

He said the Croatian Democratic union (HDZ) was bluffing that it had the support of 76 MPs to form a new government, led by Zdravko Maric.

Asked how many signatures the SDP had collected to dissolve the parliament, Milanovic said "enough".

The Opposition leader and former prime minister said that the sole purpose of a government reshuffle was to avoid the election. "They (the HDZ) are afraid of the elections. It doesn't matter who they came up with yesterday to get the public attention and to buy time. This is what they are doing. The HDZ is bluffing. They have changed their opinion three times," Milanovic said.

We don't necessarily need the support of all lawmakers of the Bridge party, Milanovic said when asked about the support for the dissolution of parliament, adding that this is not important given that people from Bridge are for the new election.

"70% of people are asking for new elections," Milanovic said. "It has never been this way. This is not a government, this is a non-government," Milanovic said.

As for speculations about a possible grand coalition between the SDP and the HDZ , Milanovic said such a coalition was not possible. "The HDZ lacks ideas and in my opinion it would be hard to imagine that we could enter a coalition with them, particularly with a group of obscurantists which they brought to parliament. My voters don't expect a coalition with the HDZ. The answer is no," Milanovic said adding that the best solution for the HDZ was four years of active opposition during which they could work on ideas and not on (protest) tents and taking to the streets.

Milanovic underscored that the HDZ was entirely a non-democratic party which must change, adding that with the Baltic-Adriatic initiative it was pushing Croatia towards "the pitch dark, towards Poland and Hungary where Social Democrats had disappeared."

He said Bridge did not need to fear that it would disappear, but that it would not win 18 seats in parliament. Milanovic said that at this moment the only option for the SDP were new elections.

Asked if the SDP would support the HDZ in toppling Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic, Milanovic said this would be a last minute decision.

Milanovic said that a decision of the Conflict of Interest Commission in the case involving HDZ chief Tomislav Karamarko's wife Ana was irrelevant at this moment.

"The decision is irrelevant. I am being persecuted because of my brother or I don't know who else. If they are guilty, take them, that has nothing to do with me. In this case, you have intimate business relations between the wife of the HDZ chief and the man who was Ivo Sanader's right hand in the INA-MOL talks. Therefore, political responsibility is more important that the decision."

Last update: Fri, 24/06/2016 - 14:16

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