SDP MP says gov't session unlawful

Social Democrat (SDP) member of Parliament Pedja Grbin told a news conference in Pula on Thursday that the government session held earlier in the day was unlawful because the government submitted to parliament for discussion ten bills, contrary to regulations on the Act on the Government, under which a caretaker government could perform only technical duties.

"Everyone can see that this government, which is not only an outgoing government but one that has been given a vote of no confidence in the parliament, is out of sync with reality. Instead of performing, as regulated by the law, only technical duties and duties that cannot be delayed, the government is acting as if nothing happened," Grbin said, adding that the government's web site made no mention that the government had been given a vote of no confidence.

Another Social Democrat MP and former Education Minister, Zeljko Jovanovic, said the outgoing government was leaving chaos in all segments of society, from economy to education and health and social welfare.

"This government started its term amidst a philo-fascist march in Zagreb, when media freedoms were attacked, and ended with the occupation of the curricular reform," said Jovanovic, criticising in that context especially Science, Education and Sports Minister Predrag Sustar.

It was Sustar who favoured the football mafia by stopping the amendment of the Sports Act that "would have guaranteed ridding sports of greedy profiteers and hooligans in expensive suits and ties, and thus protected athletes." If this had been done, there would have been no hooliganism of Croatian fans in France, said Jovanovic.

SDP MP Tanja Vrbat described as disgraceful the state leadership's disregard for the commemoration of Anti-fascist Struggle Day on Wednesday, saying that by failing to attend the event they were demonstrating disregard for values on which modern-day Croatia and Europe rested.

The SDP MPs expressed confidence that in the upcoming snap parliamentary election the SDP would lead a new victorious coalition that would form a stable and fair government.

Asked if there was room for the Istrian Democratic Party (IDS) in that coalition, Grbin said that in the last four years the IDS had been a very correct partner to the government. 

"There were certain differences between us at the local level, but I believe that those difference are good for Croatia just as the cooperation between the SDP and the IDS is good for the country. We see our future cooperation in that light, and whether it will result in a pre- or post-election coalition is less important at the moment," said Grbin.

At a separate news conference today, the HURS trade union federation said that the caretaker government led by PM Tihomir Oreskovic must not overstep its powers but primarily prevent any harm and enable the normal functioning of the state in the period until the snap election.

In that context, the HURS opposed the removal of a number of companies from a list of companies of strategic importance for Croatia, which it said paved the way for their fast privatisation.

The trade union federation also criticised the government's adopting a regulation on the right of construction in forests and on forest land owned by the Republic of Croatia, saying that the regulation made it possible to build golf courses in forests managed by the public forest management company Hrvatske Sume, based on a previous assessment by the agriculture minister.

Last update: Thu, 23/06/2016 - 14:27

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