Service sector workers in Istria most helpful in all of Croatia

Eighty-seven percent of salespeople in Croatia greet customers, with the northern Adriatic region of Istria having the most helpful shop assistants and central Croatia the least helpful ones. The largest number of polite shop assistants work in the restaurant industry, shows a survey.

Presenting the survey, conducted recently by the Heraklea agency specialising in service quality assessment, Zeljka Bakmaz said that workers in Istria had proven to be the most helpful Croatian workers in the restaurant, financial and retail sales sectors.

Ninety-seven percent of workers in those sectors across the country greeted their customers and the results were the best in the restaurant industry, where 92% of workers welcomed their guests, of whom 71% did so politely. Shop assistants proved to be the least polite, with 85% greeting their customers.

Of all Croatian regions, Istria has proved to be the best with a result of 90% in all monitored elements, while central Croatia had the poorest results (86%).

The survey, conducted from 1 to 17 February, covered 1,000 locations.

A regional survey on service quality, covering 800 locations in six countries and conducted between 15 June and 30 July 2015, shows that Croatia is in the middle of the ranking.

Bakmaz said that Slovenia, with a total result of 79%, had the best result of all countries, while Montenegro was at the bottom of the regional ranking, with a result of 58%. Croatia's result was 70%, the same as the year before.

As for elements that were assessed, the largest number of shop assistants greeted customers (86%) in Serbia, while Montenegrins did so the least frequently (60%).

Eighty-three percent of service sector workers in Serbia asked their customers questions, while in Croatia 60% did so. As for their knowledge of the products they sell, as many as 89% of service sector workers had the necessary information, with Serbian service sector workers again being at the top, with 93%. In Croatia, 84% of service sector workers were knowledgeable about the products they sold.

In Croatia, 41% of service sector workers offered their customers additional products, while in Slovenia the percentage stood at 61%, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina at only 22%. Eighty-five percent of Slovenian salespeople thanked their customers for visiting, and 73% of Croatian salespeople did so.

Last update: Sun, 13/03/2016 - 17:34

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