Only 25 women in Slovenia wear niqab, no threat to national security

The proposal to ban the wearing of a niqab in Slovenia is politically motivated because only 25 out of 20,000 Islamic women in the country wear it, says Maja Lamberger Khatib, who teaches Arabic studies at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies in Ljubljana.

"The question is whether 25 women pose a threat to Slovenia, as politicians say. Such initiatives are a cheap copy of a French law and similar solutions in some other European countries," Lamberger Khatib said in an interview with the Delo newspaper of Monday.

The opposition Slovenian Democratic Party of former prime minister Janez Jansa has put forward a proposal to ban the wearing of a niqab and a burka in Slovenia as a pre-emptive move in case of radicalisation of Muslims or arrival of a large number of refugees. It claims that the ban would protect the Slovenian national identity from the spread of a foreign culture.

Last update: Tue, 08/12/2015 - 12:32

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