Berlin backs broadcaster in dispute with Turkey over seized interview

The German government backed one of the nation's broadcasters in a dispute over Turkey seizing an interview with one of its ministers, insisting that press freedom was non-negotiable.

"Freedom of the press is for us a highly valued good that is not open to negotiation," German government spokesman Steffen Seibert said, adding that this applied both domestically and internationally.

The international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) said the authorities in Ankara had confiscated footage of a Monday interview with Turkish Minister of Youth and Sports Akif Cagatay Kilic after the journalist asked questions about the July coup attempt in Turkey.

Immediately after the interview, DW said the tape was seized with the minister's press officer telling the broadcaster that the interview had not been authorized.

German Ambassador Martin Erdmann on Wednesday spoke to officials in to the Turkish government, holding what the Foreign Ministry in Berlin said was a "constructive" telephone conversation with the head of Kilic's office.

Kilic denied that the incident constituted a confiscation, stating on Twitter that the ministry was working within its legal rights. He did not comment on whether the ministry was in possession of the footage.

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Deutsche Welle cries foul as Turkish minister interview confiscated

German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle is trying to get the Turkish government to explain why one of its ministers sat for a half hour interview this week, only for the recording to be confiscated moments after the session ended.

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