Hungary to build a second fence on border with Serbia

Hungary plans to build a second fence on its southern border with Serbia that would enable it to keep out any major new wave of migrants, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday.

Reuters quoted Orban as saying that the new barrier, to be built alongside the existing one, would strengthen defences to respond if Turkey's policy on migration changed.

"Technical planning is under way to erect a more massive defence system next to the existing line of defence which was built quickly (last year)," Orban told public radio.

The razor-wire fence built along Hungary's southern border with Serbia and Croatia last year has sharply reduced the flow of migrants travelling along the Balkan route towards northern Europe, however, migrants keep arriving at the border with Hungary every day via Serbia.

With his openly anti-immigration stance, Orban - joined by fellow Visegrad Group leaders from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland - fronted the opposition within the EU to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's refugee policy.

Orban and the rest of Visegrad leaders were due to meet Merkel in Warsaw later Friday.

"Bureaucrats in Brussels want to let the refugees in and distribute them across the EU," Orban said in the interview, repeating that the four countries strongly oppose that. "The question is, which side will Angela Merkel take?"

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Hungary to increase police presence along its southern border

The Hungarian government plans to increase police staff numbers by 3,000 to respond to pressures of illegal migration on the country's southern borders, which is expected to become permanent, the MTI news agency quoted state secretary Bence Tuzson as saying on Wednesday.

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Hungarian state TV silent about Olympic refugees

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