Pahor advocates good relations with Croatia

Addressing the diplomatic corps in Slovenia on Tuesday, President Borut Pahor advocated orderly relations with Croatia.

"I support orderly relations with Croatia," Pahor said.

One of the fundamental matters in those relations concerns the two countries' dispute over the border arbitration, and Pahor reiterated Slovenia's stance that the arbitration has not been terminated and that it should continue.

"As long as the arbitration tribunal is working, Slovenia has no other strategy than to develop good and all-round cooperation with Croatia," Slovenia's president said and added that Slovenia did not have any contentious political issues with any country that might put it in a dangerous or delicate position.

In reference to the current refugee crisis the European Union is faced with, Pahor said that this was just an illustration of a much deeper crisis of identity and not its cause.

If the EU does not find a solution to the refugee crisis, the consequences to its identity could be great and that is why this crisis is a sort of test, he said.

Pahor advocated "more Europe" and closer ties within the EU despite the deep crisis which he compared with the economic and financial crisis of 2008 that caught the world unaware, adding that he saw Slovenia's future in the firm core of the most connected European states that are members of the euro zone and Schengen Area.

"Slovenia has to be where Germany and France are," he said.

Last update: Tue, 05/01/2016 - 15:09

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