Police in French city of Calais detain 14 anti-migrant protesters

Police in the northern French city of Calais detained 14 anti-migrant protesters during a demonstration on Saturday, a spokesman for the local prefecture said.

Some 80 people blocked two bridges in the city, the spokesman said.

The extreme right-wing group that organized the protest, Generation Identitaire, said 130 people participated in its call to restore national borders and protect "Europe for Europeans."

Police also seized a truck belonging to the group.

Thousands of migrants have been staying in makeshift camps in Calais in a bid to reach Britain via the English Channel. France recently began clearing part of the camp and moving people into more permanent accommodation.

Authorities in the northern region have reported suspected attacks on migrants in recent weeks, and the spokesman said disbanding Saturday's protests demonstrated the state's, "determination to not allow extremist movements to instrumentalize the migration crisis."

Last update: Fri, 24/06/2016 - 08:49

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