Right-wing slur "Gutmensch" named Germany's taboo word of the year


The panel of linguists, which chooses one recently popularized term each year that it considers an infringement upon democratic principles, said the word 'Gutmensch' undermined public debate in Germany.

"The accusation of being a Gutmensch involves defaming tolerance and willingness to help as naive, stupid and quixotic," the jury said in a statement.

The word has been used by right-wing politicians and the tabloid media for several years, but gradually entered the mainstream during the past year amid a debate about allowing entrance to migrants, 1.1 million of whom entered the country in 2015.

German expressions that have been declared the taboo word of the year in the past have included "Luegenpresse," - a word used by the country's anti-Islam movement to denounce the media as liars - and "Doener-Morde," or "kebab murders," referring to the killings of Turkish people by the right-wing extremist terror cell NSU.

Last update: Tue, 12/01/2016 - 12:47

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