Slovenia votes in referendum on same-sex marriage

Slovenians began voting Sunday in a referendum that will decide whether it allows gay marriage to remain the law of the land.

The referendum was forced by opponents of an amendment to the country's family law redefining marriage as a union of two people, as opposed to the union of a man and woman. 

In March, Slovenia's parliament approved legislation redefining marriage as a "union of two" instead of being a "union of a man and a woman", granting homosexual couples the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts, including the right to adopt children.

At least 20 per cent of the 1.7 million registered voters must turn out for a valid referendum. Survey polls predicted a close outcome.

The opponents, rallying around the slogan "Children are at Stake," and supported by the dominant Catholic Church, petitioned for the referendum against it within a week of the change in law.

The parties of the centre-left government coalition supports the same-sex law, saying that it eliminated discrimination against gays. 

Last update: Sun, 20/12/2015 - 13:07

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