Facebook offers Workplace app for businesses

Facebook's plan to shake up communications within businesses and organizations is ready for the market, the world's largest online social network said Monday.

The announcement comes after months of testing of the company's new Workplace by Facebook. The idea is to take Facebook's popular elements like Newsfeed, groups, chats or live video and make them readily adaptable to the workplace - a kind of intra-organizational social network.

The new platform, which Facebook introduced at the beginning of 2015 under the name Facebook at Work, has since been tested in a variety of different businesses. The company itself uses the platform.

The product is Facebook's entry into a new market that is both quickly transforming and highly competitive.

Other providers such as Slack want to disrupt how things have been structured in the past.

Microsoft too wants to maintain its strong position within businesses with its chat service Yammer as well as Skype.

Facebook will undoubtedly benefit from the fact that its 1.6 billion users worldwide are already familiar with the functions that will be replicated in Workplace by Facebook. One change however, is the gray tone instead of Facebook's typical blue.

Last update: Mon, 10/10/2016 - 22:50

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